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Superlative BBQ made unique for jerky. Using a quintessentially Memphis style blend of natural spices, we created a dry rub that starts off sweet. But beware, just when the seasoning happily layers your taste buds, the cayenne kicks you in the back of the mouth! With sweet heat, the meat is rubbed by hand with an array of seasonings, transporting you to the south. Treat yo self! We may be jerks, but this southern gentleman jerky is a little fiery, yet refined.

Our Filet Mignon "Jerkologists" are handcrafting the finest beef jerky on a daily basis. This artisanal processes creates Three Jerks Jerky quality.

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100% Filet Mignon
100% Filet Mignon
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Gluten Free
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Nitrate Free
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No Artificial Ingredients
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